Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A post on noted trends in patterns. There seem to be lots of rectangles, half square triangles,blocks that are like Winter Reflection--a center square with frames around it, 9-patches, strip piecing, Bento Box Blocks. Very simple piecing with the fabric itself playing a major role. Some of this, I think, has to do with limited amounts of time to quilt,the need to make quick gifts (lots of baby quilts)and a lot of sewing for home decor. But a lot has to do with the reaction to traditional block and quilt patterns. To invent a new look for quilts you would need to simplify things, because complex patterns have already been done and redone. These younger quilters also do not generally have the sewing history of older quilters nor interest in quilting history/heritage. I think it will come with time, since as we grow we become more interested in what has happened before. History/heritage seem so distant when you are young and busy with little ones or starting a career. It will certainly be interesting to see where quilting goes. By the way, these are trends and comprise a subgroup of quilters. But trends either fade away or become widely accepted. You just can't tell.


  1. I also think that we are letting the fabric do the talking. There are so many beautiful and artistic fabrics out there that the blocks need to be simple to showcase the large-scale, artistic patterns in the fabrics. Some of the Asian fabrics and hand-dyes are just to pretty to cut!

  2. We do have so many more fabric choices now than in times past. Where our quilting fore-mothers made beautiful designs from simple homespuns, we can find every possible color and pattern in fabric. I see that many start with simpler designs and as they gain experience and confidence, they move toward more complex blocks. The "Dear Jane" quilts are a good example of that. PS: I just love "Fall at the Lake"!