Saturday, January 30, 2010

Soooo cold today!!! It started a 2 degrees, but all is not lost I tended to my indoor plants today. Helps to remind that warmth and growth will return to the world.
Started on BE blocks. Eileen's was fun!! It also turns into 2 different blocks. Hmmm...another quilt on the list. However, think I'll use 6 inch squares or strips and cut freely and use for pinwheel so they will be more wonky.
Am also truly grateful Louise made those teensy triangles. Started on her block, but not finished.


  1. awesom pinwheels! I am always looking for a different type and you have caught my eye! Em

  2. Bonnie, I awoke this morning to see you on my blog, thank you for visitig me! I can't wait to perurse your blog some more today. I found you through Google Alerts. Happy Monday