Saturday, January 16, 2010


So I have noted several trends. I do see some on the young quilters doing some blocks, but I also realize that most use the patterns available to them. I am a collector of books of quilt blocks. I have a large resource to draw from. So I have a lot more to be inspired from. However, there are parts of these noted trends that I will incorporate into my quilting---solids, lighter colors, more improvisation and the newer graphic prints and large prints. So many of them make me think of when I was first on my own. I bought everything for the kitchen in turquoise.
The other part of trends seems to be Moda, who seems to have the largest number of collections. I have never been crazy for the grayed out look, but they have a large of followers. Have been buying an French quilting magazine, Quiltmania. They are into the more grayed out colors and lots of little pieces. So there is room for everyone.


  1. Oh I love Quiltmania! My Mom and I lucked into getting several old issues (today) from a friend cleaning out, they are several years old, but new to me.
    I like all colors, but as I have been using my scraps to make my string blocks, I have noticed a lot of brown! I never realized my "browned" palette before. I have noticed a lot of young quilters using the bright colors with ivory sashing. I think it is really fresh and clean looking!

  2. I agreed with you kheli. I think we all got browned out. My next trick will be incorporating the old with the new. You are also so right. Need to try new things and set goals. I think it is good for quilting to evolve. I also think this started with the "Cottage" style movement in decorating magazines. They so loved white.