Wednesday, February 17, 2010

quilt along.

I have been utterly surprised at how many people have wanted to do the quilt along. I didn't think that many people would want to hand piece such blocks. I am very happy though to find such an interest in this project. I do realize some will never make any blocks, but those who have and shared pictures have made some fantastic blocks. Lots of happy, intense color choices. Now I just need to stay ahead of the group so I don't have to rush around when the first of the month comes around and its time for a new pattern. Happy quilting.


  1. Hi over there, congrats to your success! Pictures are gorgeous! Elisabeth

  2. I think seeing all the beautiful blocks everyone has put together makes them impossible to resist ... or at least that's how it was for me.

    FYI, I finished my February blocks last night and have posted photos on my blog, here: February Quilt Along Blocks