Thursday, July 15, 2010

A friend loaned me ART QUILTS A CELEBRATION. It had some very inspirational quilts in it, but I came I realize that I will never be a lover of white, off white, cream, etc. To me it is blank. It reflects all colors and is, indeed, blank. I will use it in more traditional type quilts, but seldom in my own creations. It does make things look airy, cheerful and blank. However, I want to brighten and lighten up. The use of so much white lately, woke me up to the fact that I have many intense colors but on the dark side. Hmmm---I just love the dark side. Hmmmm----step into the light side and feel the force be with you!!!

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  1. Don't 'cha just love quilting? From one week, day, hour, second to the next, your tastes, inspirations can change. As limitless as your imagination.