Sunday, July 25, 2010

squarely done, then strips

Working on lots of hand stuff this week...binding the scrap challenge quilt and making more of those little drunkards path blocks.

Then there is the 15 min. of play blocks. I have found a solution for how I want them set. I included 2 with some possible applique elements and one without.

Made some more strips. LOve the fluidity of the rust/print strip. I must say I love just cutting and sewing.

I still want to make all my quilts as large as my design wall. Silly Bonnie. I need to continue to think small.

Who da thought? Both my seam rippers fell off the back of a rolling cart. I moved the cart and found lots to pick up and trash, but neither ripper can be found. Is this a hint to rearrange my quilting space, since I will now need to move several things to look for my rippers. No sewer can live without a seam ripper!!!

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  1. Found your blog through your guest post on Bumble Beans. Love the quilt along blocks. Was looking for more info on those and found this 15-minutes of play setting. What happened to it? Did you go with the applique? I like that!