Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dresden plates

Never did I think I would make one of these. But here I am and having a lot of fun at it. As they sit on the design wall, I am considering staggering the plates. Also have a border(s) planned. Not in the picture is the background fabric which I found today. I guess while I'm digesting my improv summer, I need something fun to do.
Besides these will be great to take to the Fabrications Retreat next week. A friend and I will be taking a dyeing class from Melody Johnson. She has short cuts to dyeing I am eager to learn. Not long to go. It will be great to get away and meet other textile lovers, both quilters and mixed media types.


  1. I've had some fun with dresdens too --it was fun to make and old pattern new again. I like what you're doing with the staggered layout. lucky you in taking a class with Melody -- I've been following her blog and she's been busy making clothes to wear to that workshop.

  2. Great Dresdens! I see yours have 16 pieces, and my Dresden ruler makes them with 20. What brand is yours? Have a great retreat!

  3. I have a Dresden Plate project on my long term back burner project (as I have scraps of royal blue to use) and I think we're using the same method. I have 70+ of the 200+ that I'll need and like you've I've found them fun to make and work on, who would have guessed?