Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dyeing Class

Had a GREAT time last weekend taking a lazy dyer's class from Melody Johnson. Although there are more serious dyeing classes (the ladies across the hall were stirring,checking the water temp with a thermometer, going to the laundermat, sorting fabric until late at night), I love the spontaneity of this method. It just isn't that important to me that I get a just so color. Maybe it is because I love scrappy quilts the best...and now making scrappy fabric. Our class had the most fun and were the loudest, laughingest group at lunches. I am so glad that Melody was willing to come out of retirement to do this class, although I don't think she is convinced to teach classes on a regular basis.

I love the results of my dyeing, but maybe just not so intense. Have several ideas for the next dyeing session, hopefully before winter sets in. Then will play with screen printing, soy-based wax batik or stamping.

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