Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snow outside, Sewing inside

Awoke yesterday morning with the answer to what to so with the quilt along blocks.
Set them on point (there will be one more row). At first I thought plain yellow squares (15" square). Then I realized I would have space for a block in the center of the plain square. After considering for awhile it hit me, 8-point stars of the quilt along leftovers with the yellow as a background. This will make them float on the square which will not be so plain. I am posting what is on the design wall to get the idea across. More later, but hopefully not too later.
PS I did not make all the quilts in the last blog in one month, not even in my dreams. The only started and finished in December was Double Cross. The others are products of several months of work.

Have started on an intuition quilt. Just put things on the wall. The center was make just using scraps sitting around on my cutting table. It never ceases to amaze how all these pieces of fabric fit together. Then I rummaged thru a scrap basket and picked out the plaids and bright green. I laid it on the floor to take a picture and found the hand dyed (from my class) fabric lying near it and it seemed like it belonged. The solid blues are next to help quiet down the center. Sorry I can't find the gold/black african print piece, so it must want to play somewhere else.
This is fun too and was suggested by V at 15 Min of Play... as a challenge to ourselves to do this and tell how you got where you are. Keeping "the little gray cells"(from Poirot mysteries) moving.


  1. Boy, do these look good! I'd love to see all the options you thought of before you settled on this...
    I just love all the colors and those GORGEOUS BLOCKS!!! FUN!

  2. You have been soooo busy with ALL your projects. Such gorgeous blocks. Love the new setting for the quilt a long.......hope this one is for you.....