Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moving Along

Hurray, got all the piwheel blocks done and cut as much if the sashing as I had fabric. I ordered more as 1/2 yard wasn't going to cut it. Will put the rows together while waiting on my fabric to come. Although pink and purple are the colors of choice of pre adolescent girls, I love what they do for these blocks.

Since I am in a slow sewing mood, I am showing another of my old quilt tops. They all seem to have been made bed size. This one has the bottom spread out on the floor and that is why the blocks appear forshortened. Love the border on this one and the black centers.


  1. I'm loving those purple underlines on this quilt. Another graphic element. Beautiful fan quilt too! The black is the perfect accompaniment to the pastels.

  2. Hey Bonnie! I have to say I LOVE how the blocks look right now, with just that bit of purple under each and white around! how cool it is already! very interesting!
    Love the old quilt top too... the border is fabulous!

  3. I must agree with all the above. I love the ingenious purple underlines. Each block is a study in itself. So inspirational. Just keep sitting in front of the computer screen and staring, hoping I will see more and more blocks appear.

  4. I just love your spike-ishy pin wheels, they are so bright and happy!

  5. Your spiky pinwheel just keeps getting better and better! I like it the way it is too, underlines of purple. Wow!