Monday, November 2, 2009

Another plan that went awry. The borders on Relativity are not flat. I have figured out how to fix it, but may let it rest a day or so. Moved on and finished basting the next quilt to be quilted. First, pieced the batting, put the sandwich together and pinned. My modus operendi is the stitch in the ditch the basic lines of the blocks and get rid of the pins. Then add all the extra quilting. This time I am considering trying a shasiko style quilting on some areas of the quilt. I used to hand quilt all my quilts, but it became unrealistic as my stack of tops exceeded my quilting speed. I spent lots of time making tiny stitches and was glad when machine quilting became acceptable. However, the hardest thing is free motion, so I add little, manageable bits. I will say hand quilting has a much softer, gentler look than machine quilting. Then there is drapability. Hand quilting doesn't get stiff no matter how much you quilt, but machine quilting can make a quilt stiff if overdone. I try for a balance, since most of my quilts are for using not just looking.

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  1. My feelings exactly about machine quilting - the stiffness....just not what I want over me!!!!!!! Linda