Sunday, November 1, 2009

One extra hour to do what I want. Plan to take a walk at MSU, a friend tood such great pictures of the fall foliage. Of course, by today they will probably be half gone. No matter the campus is always beautiful. Almost got Relativity done, but stopped when I sewed one border on the wrong edge of the quilt. Always know that is a sign to give it a rest. Drat, I wanted to post a picture of it.
Interestingly our weather this fall has been almost an exact match for Seattle, WA. I always keep track as my son, Jesse, and his wife, Cari, live there. Enough, on the rest of my day.


  1. Ah yes, that extra hour. My neighbors were out at 8am blowing leaves. Think they forgot to turn their clocks back or just couldn't wait?

  2. Is the day over yet???????