Monday, January 17, 2011

Intuition quilt

After grabbing and using lots of fabrics putting them of the wall with the center block I finally came up with this.

After finishing the center I saw these two quilts in books I have and got inspired by these two quilts.

Continue hand quilting of Amplitude. I must of had a delusional episode to start on this. It look great, but it does take a lot of time even with big stitch. I am working on the 8 point stars for the quilt along blocks. I am still pieceing the December block and am on the last quarter. Lost some of my enthusiam at the end. The small drunkard's path blocks are slowly increasing and I now have about 200+ done. Lastly, keeping warm. Its been cold, cold here.


  1. Love the pop of yellow. This has so much life and movement! As for the weather, we still have snow laying around which is unusual. We got up to 50 yesterday, but back down below freezing again today!

  2. Very cool, Bonnie - it has a Gee's Bend feel to it.

  3. Oh this is a nice one! Love all the fabrics.