Tuesday, February 8, 2011

something newer

Last week I worked on more wonky blocks. Found the block that inspired this and it called pinwheel, so I will use that name until I can think of something more original. I love making them.

When the pieces are cut by eye it is challenging to get everything to fit and lay flat. For me, it is very satisfying.

In the lower right hand corner is the fabric I plan to use as a "sashing". I only bought a half yard...drat. Now I want 2 yards more.

Then of course I started something else. A tile quilt. There is a lovely book about tile quilts. BAsically you just put shapes cut sort of like a jigsaw puzzle on a block and applique them down. The background fabric becomes the "grout".

It is just fun....no making sure everying is tucked under just so, no tricky angles to get around. Have no idea how many I will make before I get tired of making them.


  1. I love both of these quilts you are working on. I am going to have to try that tile quilt. it looks so inviting!

  2. Awhile back I saw a mosaic quilt on a black background, and I've always wanted to try the technique. It is interesting and different to see your version on white fabric. Reminds me of the art tiles I have hanging in my bathroom. Love the effect!

  3. I love the tile blocks - another great way to use up some scraps - guess what I hope to fid time to try today.

  4. Great new projects you have going there. I like that purple sashing too, maybe you can use a bunch with the same personality.
    Tile quilts are a blast.
    See you soon.

  5. I really like your tile blocks. Can't wait to see more. Really cute!