Sunday, January 30, 2011

OK, something new

Sat at the machine and just had to make these blocks. I wanted the center to be a four patch. I wanted the outside to vaguely be like half square triangles. I couldn't help it, they were calling me and I came out to play.

Still working on the 8 point stars for the quilt along quilt. Still can't find the rectangles I need for the D. plates. But, I did find the pieces for the last quarter of the last quilt along block. So happy, I will get it pieced today.

Other than that it is the doldrums of winter. Not quite cabin fever. Today sunshine which is always good.


  1. Those are so wonderfully wonky!!!!!!!!

  2. These are really neat to look at --- it's hard to know where to stop --- I'd like to give them a try (someday!).

  3. Hi Bonnie I love what you did they look wonky sometimes it is just as hard to be wonky as it is to get perfect points.theodora

  4. Oh they are great!! Very imspiring