Friday, March 25, 2011

Staccato into March

I have shown the development of this quilt in most of my recent posts. I have two pictures one showing how, at first the HSTs would be a complete border. As I moved on this did not work. But now the top is complete and I need a just sew blocks together project.....ran out of rotary blades. EEK!! Emergency trip to the store.

What else happened in March and why do I wait so long to update this blog? The first is easy to answer: two back to back retreats, a week where every mechanical thing I touched didn't work (happily all fixed by by dear husband) and several minor catastrophes. I have time to muse over the fabulous retreat with Victoria and a very creative group of quilters who were all new to me. What a compatible and encouraging group. We sewed, laughed, ate and got to know one another. I'm including some pictures of other's projects which I haven't seen posted yet. My next-door table buddy, Leeann was so neat compared to my mess strewn table, but we both loved what we did. It was an astonishing, creative, affirming event for me. I will be forever grateful for this experience.

Leeann on her side and her project on its side

Kim and her tile blocks which were so much fun and her owl block.

Jackie and Victoria with their madonna quilts.

Jessica who I wished could have spent more time with us and whose charming son had more fun with scraps than we did.

Karen who did a variation on my Staccato blocks which I love as much as my own

Victoria playing with HSTs.

Andrea and the partially pieced top she finished beforing departing.

And last but certainly not least Helen and her marvelous wearables, modeled by herself.
Then there are the new things, the big error in the hexagon blocks made at the retreat and more musing to be continued later.


  1. Beautiful work! Your colors and composition are so filled with life. I had read on the other's blogs about your retreat and I am so jealous! But then hubby and I have been apart enough I guess!

  2. Love Staccato!! Absolutely love it!! Also, so enjoyed meeting you, but I must say... hehe... that photo of the quilts that Victoria and I are holding are great, but our faces could have been cropped right out of there... LOL

  3. Staccato is fabulous. I love the border you went with. the photo of quilters playing *in* scraps is cute.

  4. Looks like a great time.......
    Love Staccato.....

  5. Was this the retreat in NY? Can't wait to hear about it!

  6. Your stacatto quilt it so stunning.... sigh..makes me wish I made it so I could snuggle up with it! hugs!!
    I miss everyone... it was so much fun!

  7. Nice reliving the great retreat :0), it was so good to meet Bonnie.

    Happy Sewing

  8. Great post! It's fun to revisit that magical weekend. Hope to see you soon!