Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cactus Flower

I started out this week to make a convential quilt of a block called Cactus Flower. It was designed sometime in the 30-40's. It is a stylized flower. First I made it too small (9" inches square)and dark. Itis below the big block. I had an elaborate layout planned using 48 blocks. Well after making one, I ditched that idea only I don't think I could make 48 of anything.
Then I made the big block (15"sq.). I really like it with made fabric triangles. However, it was too big. So I felt like Goldilocks and needed one that was just right. Today when I went to sew I realized I really like the big block and will use it in some kind of/sort of medallion quilt. I couldn't stay away from the fun of the big block. It will just grow until its done.

This block I made for Victoria's 15 minute challenge. When I first posted it all the corner were light with a dark triangle, but I have changed to two corners of light with dark and two corners of dark with light. When the corners come together it will make an interesting effect. This block is 16" square and when set on point I will only need 13 for a quilt. Of course, that remains to be seen too. Things have a way of morphing.
I would show the new tile blocks, but we took a short trip up to Traverse City and put them somewhere when we got home and will have to figure where that place is.
I am very good at hiding things from myself and eventually finding them again when I least expect to.


  1. 48... that is a lot. But I really do like it and the block for Victoria's challenge. I think we are all good at hiding things, but when you find them again it is like you have something new!

  2. What FUN PLAY you have Boonie! the cactus flowers are very cool! Hmmm, your challenge block has changed! Can't wait to see what it Morphs into next...;-)

  3. These are all great. I could see a quilt where you include them all.

  4. Anxious to see these blocks together. Hope you find those tile blocks, too!

  5. Maybe my "lost" blocks are with yours?!! I really like the big cactus block and the blocks you have around it. I look forward to seeing it continue.

  6. I like the direction that your art quilting is going with the string piecing.