Monday, April 11, 2011

Making fabric

I got quite a lot done last week. First I got the center of the Cactus Flower done. The little block I cut off on the bottom is the start of the next round. I am making them 12 inches and that is the reason for the inner stripe border. I need to size up the middle to fit 3 blocks on each side. I am using made fabric as the large triangle in the 12 inch blocks. I went traditional but only so far.

Another block to add to the design challenge quilt. Trying to make two made fabric squares one for these blocks and one to cut diagonally for the Cactus Flower quilt.
I need more of these blocks to get an ideas of what they will look like.

Staccato is basted. Never my favorite thing to do. Can't get down on the floor anymore and drape the layers over an oversize table. Backing is smoothed and clipped in place and then they batt and quilt top. I then move the clips to the top layer carefully so everything stays in place. Yes, I use large safety pins as they don't hurt my thumb as much.

When I need a fun break from large quilt, I started on my Mary quilt. Victoria gave us each a small fabric square with a drawing of Mary on it. She designed the fabric and did the drawing of Mary and had it printed by Spoonflower. I had fun but there will be just a little more to add.

Finally got one more tile block done(has dark flower on yellow it). That makes seven and I am startin number eight and I will probably stop. I know I want to use the stripes to border each block and after that we shall see.

How about a triple nine patch with solids with a improv twist. That is what I am currently thinking about doing. Trying to resist making even one block as I don't need to start another quilt quite yet. So far this week is starting out just as great and I will keep moving along. Ooh, to resist temptation.


  1. LOVE your cactus flower and think that stripe is PERFECT for your tile quilt!

  2. LOOKING GOOD MY DEAR FRIEND! Everything is just so FUN!! you have an amazing eye... very talented!

  3. Stacatto just keeps getting better and better. I love it. My version (which was inspired by your quilt) is finished but not quilted yet. I'll post it soon. It's fun watching your little cactus flower come together.

  4. YOu have been sooo productive. Glad I looked at your blog this morning. Your pieces look so FUN!!!!

  5. Wow! Looks like spring has sprung! I love everything you're working on. It's great to see the closer up photo of Staccato.