Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring/Easter..a great day

Things here are starting to bloom despite the lack of sunshine. Cactus Dance is growing too. The other two borders will go in the opposite direction and look like they are dancing arount the center. It will already be 72 X 80. Hmmm.....I suspect that it will be borderless, but you never know.

What else? I finished the last tile block. Now to put on their borders and play with them.

Victoria had a tutorial for a great hexie design and I made one of yellow and scraps. I live the on point square for the center. I just couldn't resist. Want to do a whole quilt. However, I am not being as precise and just laying the pieces on and sewing...not following the pattern lines. More strip peicing.

Didn't get around to the vaguely triple nine patches. But I did start another crazy hand piecing project. The block is called Cosmos (like the flower). They will be put together with an light yellow-blue fabric I have many yards of. More later.

Hope you have had a lovely Easter and didn't eat your whole chocolate bunny today.
Eat at least one egg today and make a dent in the dozen you have in your basket.


  1. I quite like your yellow and pink Cosmos. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Those flowers are really dancing - love the little squares in there, too. Easter bunny will be coming on Mothers' Day here!!!!

  3. I always enjoy seeing what you've got on your design wall. It makes me want to go sew!

  4. You've been busy! I love seeing what you're up to, because it's always something new and original. Cactus flower is looking gorgeous!

  5. Oh what a lot of scrappy inspiration going on there Bonnie! I'm bogged down in some assignments bit will be done soon...........then back to fun sewing like yours.

    Happy Spring and Happy Sewing

  6. Love your scrappy hexie! Why didn't I think of that???