Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Post

At the 15 minutes of play site there was a 12X12 mini quilt exchange and this is mine. It was taken when it was almost done. I did forget to take another before I mailed it.

The last two week have been crazy busy. No time to blog, so this is the week. First a picture of Cactus Dance done, well, at least the top. Still can't do straight pictures. Once it was together I realized it doesn't need a border.

I spent the last week in a teleconference and when it was done this is what I made. I like them and will keep going until a quilt appears.

Also during the teleconference I realized I could do handwork and listen too. I got quite a bit done on the Cosmos blocks. Actually, I got the majority of them done. When I get them together, I will consider a border with applique or not.

Finally warm enough to do some gardening stuff. Off to the outdoors.


  1. Viva la teleconference! Love that cosmos quilt. Cactus Flower is looking grand. I also like the 12 x 12. I always like your work.

  2. wow those are pretty productions and I would keep going to those teleconferences seems like you can get plenty done.

  3. Girlie! these all look great! your cactus dance, DANCES! the cosmos! out of this world! and I LOVE your 12 X 12! You amaze me constantly with your lovely talent!

  4. Cactus Dance turned out great!

  5. I have just found your blog and I love it. So colourful and joyous! I love them!

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