Monday, August 8, 2011

As usual

This summer has been one of dawdling and daydreaming. It is the first summer where I had nothing to do. It has been many years since I could just dawdle and daydream. I feel like I have been in slow mo. I have been quilting slowly but steadily. I have done lots of handwork and there is plenty of that left to do. Working on putting the Cosmos blocks together. Crazily, I started making a Carpenter's Wheel classis block in scraps. Wow, I know realize why no one wants to make these type of blocks anymore. Pics next time, sorry.

The days are beginning to be noticeably shorter and will need to start light therapy soon. It has become part of the rhythm of the seasons. Actually I always look forward to those crisp, colorful days of Autumn. Can you tell? My basic palette reflects my love of Fall.

The tile are cemented in place. I like the way it came out. I ran out of the light green print and had to be creative. I used the fabric that is in the strips. If anyone asks I will say it is an artistic statement.

Made a bunch of free pieced square in square blocks. They look like Ceynotes to me. Ceynote are sinkholes found in Central America in the lower part of the Mayan civiliation. They were used as a source of water and kept them going in times drought. The first picture shows how the blocks are being put together.

There was a solids challenge on the 15 min... site. Of course I never got around to that, but I like to think this is my challenge response.

I started on a quilt based on a block called Key West Beauty. I am almost done with the long pointy pieces. Well, once I got around to posting they are all done. Now on to the mostly black diamonds.

Bye for now. Working with one's hands and heart is a venerable tradition. Although we no longer sew our own clothes, we keep the tradition alive thru quilting and sewing. I value the quilting tradition of America from it very beginnings. If you have never looked at a book about quilt history, I recommend it. You will find much inspiration in those quilts of the past. I know some on my best ideas grow from studying them.


  1. that last project looks great!

  2. Wonderful post - I love what you are working on! Old quilts are indeed great inspiration, whether you prefer repros, or modern :)

  3. Its fun to see where your imagination can take you....those tiles came out just the look and you have inspired me to play with the idea too.

    Happy Sewing

  4. It's fun to see what you've been up to. Love the tile quilt, and the other two are promising!

  5. I like seeing what you did with the mosaic tile blocks. Really love the final effect!

  6. I really really really really like what you did with the tiles - soooo creative. Linda

  7. beautiful colors. very summery!

  8. I am so in love with your tile quilt. (I was out of town when you posted this, so am late in my response) I am crazy over your setting and also your "statement."