Friday, December 2, 2011

rolling along

I started a taupe quilt using blocks in Susan Briscoe's Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks. She points out how soothing these colors are and loved by Japanese. These colors are considered to be appropriate for older Japanese when they wore kimonos for everyday wear and are these colors are still worn by many older Japanese today. All the blocks are 9 inches. With so many small pieces I have decided to do these by hand and am in no hurry to finish this. A small, delightful pleasure to be savored one at a time.

I joined a red and white bee. These are my blocks almost put together. There is a small sashing between the blocks so the corners end in a nine patch. It is not very large and I plan to surround them with all those red and white drunkard's path blocks which I forgot to include a picture of. Sigh.

I put this together for my friend Victoria at Bumblebeans, Inc. dot blogspot dot com. She had a challenge using Cloud 9's latest offering. Lots of fabulous blocks. She sent me what she had of fabrics left for sashing and borders. I did add one of my own black/gray stripes in the sashing. It is subtle, but lovely. I guess it may have pushed me to the taupe blocks project.

I have been working on several of half finished projects as new quilts are not currently popping up on my mind. This has actually been a good thing. After all it has been over a year since I started the quilt along and this is my version. It turned out big enough for my bed. You may notice the missing corner. That block was found recently and put somewhere I wouldn't forget and promptly forgot. When found this top will be done and ready for quilting.

The next two borders of my medallion quilt are on. Only one more to go. It will also fit on by bed. I do like it better with the pinwheel blocks on the top and bottom rather than on the sides. The next border will make it more rectangular. I am still in love with the idea of medallion sets and may do another. The picture could be brighter, but...oh,well.


  1. Fun projects! I particularly like your unconventional medallion!

  2. Oh my! When you do a post, it really packs a wallop! I love all your projects, especially the stars. You've got me thinking about taupe.

  3. Like the medallion.......and all the other projects. subtle......and no NOT me - but I appreciate it!!!!! Linda

  4. Your Quilt-A-Long set is fabulous! The colors are so vibrant, and the set with stars really shows off the exquisite block designs - LOVE it!

  5. Oh Wow....what a great bunch of super looking quilts! You've really been a busy bee haven't you!
    Tell me more about the red and white bee please.

    Happy Sewing and Merry Christmas

  6. Your taupe is simply lovely, but my heart leapt at the Red & White!!! You are amazing....